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11 July 2018

Already this Saturday on the STS LOVE television channel it will be possible to see the series "How I Became a Russian" narrating about the uneasy fate of an American who gradually changes his mind about Russia and is surprised to find that bears and felt boots are not exactly our realities.

The main character of the series is Alex Wilson an employee of the newspaper American Post who wrote a provocative article about an American congressman and because of this forced to temporarily leave the country.

He is sent to a long-term business trip in Russia where he does not really want to go, but he has to. Arriving in Moscow Alex in addition to editorial assignments, tries to comprehend the mysterious Russian soul, to learn Russian reality and even leads a personal blog on this subject, which answers the question "what does it mean to be Russian? "

Also Alex will meet his Russia his love: on the first day he will meet a girl here Anya in which will fall in love at first sight.

I will be able to see the series "How I became a Russian" on CTC Love from July 14!

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