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09 March 2018

In the spring, something new is literally wanted in all spheres of our life, and literature is no exception, so we present to you 5 new books by the publishing house Exmo which will make you an excellent company on these sunny March days:

Sarah Crossan "One whole"

The Irish writer Sarah Crossan offers the reader to plunge into the world of unusual sisters who most of all dream of being like everyone else.

Sarah Crossan

Grace, Tippi . Tippi, Grace . Closer to each other they have no one, because they are Siamese twins: their bodies have grown together in the mother's womb, and the girls are destined to always and everywhere be together. But despite this, they want the same thing that all teenage girls: parties, first love, travel, walks, going to the movies … But for Tippi and Grace ordinary life is a luxury. But what if they finally have a chance to become the most ordinary? What if they can be divided?

Crossan worried not only the problems that occupy adolescents. She is waving to a really high bar: to show the growth of personality. The writer shows a difficult period of growing up, which inevitably is accompanied by questions and doubts. The book that brought to the author Carnegie Medal as well as awards in the nominations "Teenage novel 2016", "Book of the year 2016."

Sarah Crossan wrote a real poem, and readers and critics were overwhelmed by the original story Tippi and Grace . Despite the uniqueness of the book, the themes that affect the author are not new: growing up, self-determination, the desire to be an independent person. "One whole" is a unique product in every respect: from heroes to filing. The book is filled with a special sisterly love for each other and for life. Up to the end of the story Crossan adheres to a clear line of narration, but by the end of the work emotions come to the fore, drowning out the events of the plot.

Be sure, the author was not too lazy to understand in detail the issue of the appearance of Siamese twins. She studied many real stories. For example, the history of Russian twins Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyapovs who lived 53 years and refused to split. The "one whole" is a story of great love and true intimacy of two sisters.


To the door of the Tippy Locker

a sticky note is attached:

"Your place is in the zoo!"

Yasmin grabs a piece of paper,

crushes into the ball

and launches it

to nowhere.

– Bastards! she shouts. – You are animals!

Pupils with books in hands

cling to their lockers

or to each other,

look with all eyes,

in the mouth,

rejoicing at the opportunity to gawk at us in full.

CJ Redwin "The Queen of Darkness"

Who is this Loreley Diederich ? Princess, heiress, sorceress and … a fugitive. Life of the Crown Princess was reduced to one: avenge the death of his father, overthrow the evil witch from the throne and return his own right. Irina the stepmother Lorelei a dangerous opponent, and to win, the girl should be smarter , is stronger and more cunning than the insidious queen of Ravenspyr.

American writer CJ Redwine offers the reader her version of the famous Snow White: the story is grim, disturbing and dynamic. Rest assured, Redwine will not let his characters relax, from the old fairy tale about the witch-stepmother and the beautiful princess there will be only a skeleton.

This fairytale, full of dangerous adventures, talks about the opposition of good and evil, about revenge and love, about despair and the pursuit of justice.

CJ Redwine in the past taught English to high school students, and today she is engaged in the fact that she brings up five children and conducts courses for novice writers. CJ actively communicates with fans and students in social networks and answers questions about his works with pleasure.

This story will appeal to the fans of teenage fantasy and retelling in the spirit of "Lunar Chronicles" Marissa Mayer and the cycle Christina Cachor "The Seven Kingdoms"!

"Victor led the draconites into a long room, lit by candles and torches fixed to the walls, and in the middle stood a massive table with the same chairs." At the head of the table, in a chair with a high straight back, sat Queen Irina. Master Euler himself! "Pale hands rested on the countertop on either side of a parchment, and a huge black viper, whose golden eyes gazed unblinking at the newcomers, curled around the queen's shoulders.

Even with a nasty snake on her shoulders Irina was delicious. The beauty of this type takes away from the young men the gift of speech, turns their heads, makes their feet wadded, and their gait is uneven. Irina's hair shone like the sun, her eyes shone with the blue of the summer sky, pale skin glowed from within. The Queen was like a fragile doll of the finest, priceless porcelain. Could this wondrous creature have been the power of witchcraft to force an old woman to pluck apples out of the larynx the day before?

Irina smiled so captivating that both hearts of the young king desperately hammered in the chest. "

Maggie O'Farrell "Where You Are Waited For"

The name of the modern Irish writer Maggie O'Farrell is not very familiar to Russian readers. But her novels, published in Britain and around the world in thousands of copies, numerous literary awards and awards say that it is worth it to get acquainted with her.

Maggie O'Farrell – Irish writer, author of seven novels. She graduated in Cambridge University, where she met her future wife – writer William Sutcliffe . After graduating from the university, Maggie worked as a journalist, was a deputy literary editor in the print edition of The Independent on Sunday and taught creative writing.

Debut Maggie O'Farrell in literature occurred in 2000 with the release of the book After You'd Gone . The work received international recognition, and the writer was awarded the prize Betty Trask . Three years later Maggie won the prize Somerset Maugham for her third novel The Distance Between Us . Worldwide popularity gained a novel Maggie O'Farrell under the title "Hand that first held mine" and brought to the treasury of the author the prize Costa.

"Where you are expected" – the second novel of the author, who saw the light in Russia . This is a story about a man entangled in the labyrinth of his own life. He exists between the past and the present, the memory of the former beloved and the real wife, at the same time it is torn from hatred and love, tries to run away from itself, even more pushing itself into a corner.

Daniel Sullivan has a happy family: a wife and two children, but he does not know how to enjoy his happiness. He clings to the past, trying to understand the events of the past days, namely, whether he is guilty of the death of his former girl who died from a drug overdose, or not.

Internal dissatisfaction, unsettledness, a desire to escape from the routine of life push him into different travels to his father, whom he hates, then to children from his first marriage, whom he has not seen for many, many years. But in all this he does not find peace of mind and joy, because in pursuit of illusion, in attempts to find the truth in the past, he loses his family, not seeing and not real happiness. But there can be no return to the old life.

"Where You Are Waited" is a heartfelt novel about how often we think that we were happy once there, and not now, as we are blind and deaf to the little joys given to us, trying to get the same crane and ready to crush the tit for his sake. The author shows us a person who deliberately chooses the path of suffering, the one who, on the one hand, loves his family, and on the other hand is not able to let go of the past, forgive himself and start life here and now.

The non-linear narrative, which is conducted on behalf of several characters, is intriguing and incredibly captivating, causing each new narrator to discover different facets of personalities and the motives of the hero's actions, and the reader to immerse himself in the labyrinths of life by Daniel Sullivan .

"And then there was another hole, another hole in the life of Daniel Sullivan, perhaps the biggest, most devastating of the others." I had to climb abruptly from the bench, get up, force myself to retire, so great was the heart that was tearing my heart. moved forward with difficulty shifting his legs, but step by step he persistently increased the distance between me and that couple in the park. "I tried to focus my gaze on the alley, my gait was uncertain and cautious, as if the hardness of this land was causing me a doubt I looked like it seemed to me, I saw those underground streams, because of which the soil at any time could open under my feet.Glynuv on the roadway of the street, I looked for a free taxi.Somewhere I managed to lose or drop a cigarette The trembling that began in my legs gradually enveloped my whole body, as if foreshadowing the appearance of a seismic wave.

At the exit from the square, I can afford to look back at that child near the bench. So I calmed myself, as I moved away from them. I saw a taxi, raised a hand, and the car slowed down. A moment before she stopped, I looked back. The girl cried: the father, bending over the bag, apparently looked for ointment, lotion, something soothing. Trying to see the result of his search, I stretched out my neck and leaned forward, immediately sensing that some firm object rested on my ribs. Feeling the inner pocket of the jacket, I slid my palm over the silky lining. My fingers stumbled upon the soothing quadrilateral of my passport. With the ticket included in it. So, I was to fly to the States, the first return of my father to my father's house in five years. Such is the contents of my breast pocket, under which my treacherous heart is pounding, trembling, "

Catherine Ryan Hyde "Pay Another"

The story of the boy Trevor McKinney who came up with the idea of ​​disinterested help to three strangers, was first published in 1999 and instantly captivated the hearts and minds of millions of readers around the world. She was not only embodied in the cinema – the book was screened in 2000 with the participation of Hollywood actors Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey but also gave birth to a real movement of mutual assistance.

Catherine Ryan Hyde – American novelist and author of short stories. Her books have become bestsellers not only in the US and UK, but all over the world, and the stories have received many awards and honorary titles. Today the author lives in California. Her book "Pay Another" was filmed in Hollywood in 2000, according to the book "Electic God" also planned a film.

Catherine Ryan Hyde

To the jubilee publication of the book, the author has prepared a special preface in which she tells how the idea "Pay another" appeared and discusses its phenomenon.

The life of a teenager Trevard McKinney is not happy: he does not have a father, and his mother is torn in two jobs and rests only in the company of alcohol. But one day everything changes. A new schoolteacher gives the boy a strange task – to help three strangers, who in turn will help the other three strangers. Thus, a chain of good deeds will be created that will grow exponentially.

This homework allows Trevor to get acquainted with the beggar, whom the boy brought home and fed. Another chosen "stranger" is the schoolteacher himself, whose personal life the young man decided to take in his own hands. And the third is an elderly neighbor who suffers from loneliness and needs help with housework. But if Trevor does not all work out smoothly, then the idea itself finds a response in the hearts of other people and lives on its own life …

"Pay Another" – a legendary book that turned the world over. Today the idea of ​​unselfish help to strangers has a real social movement with the same name around the world. His main goal is to make the world better and kinder, so that people who have been helped by the chain "transferred good" to others, and this chain would never be interrupted. So the plot Catherine Ryan Hyde was embodied in reality and exists independently of the author for almost 20 years.

"I turned to thank them, and I found out that the men had already gotten cold. While I was talking to the firemen, they left. And I did not know about it. Even thanks to them did not say. I did not get a bigger favor in life, and even from complete strangers. I knew that I would never meet them again, because Los Angeles is not so small a city.

So what do you have to do with such a huge favor if you can not pay for it?

Many people, hearing from me this story, ask: "So you want to say that if those two did not stop that night, the whole idea of" Pay to another "would never have happened?" And I answer: " I'll go a step further. " If they had not left without saying goodbye, there would have been no novel, "Pay Another."

"She leaned forward, letting the tears fall into the dark water, so far below.

– I'll tell you a little story, Charlotte Renaldi. You want to listen, but you want, no. A few months ago I was on a day when I had never been in my life. Granted that since then, I fell even lower. And one person, whom I did not even know, came and tried to help me. Straight out of nowhere. I got money for food and new clothes so I could get a job. I did not want to hear that I paid with him the money. I was supposed to do something big-great for three more people. It's called "pay the other." Just figure out what would have happened if people had actually done this. For example, you will not jump. And you will repay good to three people. And they are nine, and those are twenty-seven. And then another two, to whom I, perhaps, will be able to help, they will also contribute. you just think. A little time will pass, and no one will ever need to jump from the bridge, because there will be someone who will wait for the chance to return the duty of kindness, do you understand?

Anyway, I spoiled everything. Help received and built a buc. It was so shameful that I could not look into my eyes. "

Nova Ren Suma "The Walls Around Us"

Nova Ren Suma was born in the United States on February 23, 1975. The writer has many awards in the field of teenage literature. She worked as an editor at the publishing house Penguin in the department Young Adult . In high school she attended summer writing courses at an independent college Simons Rock which was a decisive step in her career.

What happens in the walls "Aurora Hills" the prison for juvenile offenders? This is known for certain only to those who fall asleep and wake up behind bars, but those who continue to live in freedom – outside the walls of the institution – heard about the harsh and sometimes cruel attitude towards juvenile prisoners.

Once upon a time Or Sperling was there, outside the walls "Aurora Hills" but suddenly her life abruptly turned wrong, and now Ori already on own skin has felt terrible customs of local prisoners. The fourteen-year-old ballerina suddenly turned out to be among teenage criminals. How could this happen? Ori a talented girl, she does not have a place in prison … All this looks more like a stupid joke, and yet she is here, in Aurora Hills and ей придется привыкать и мириться с тем, что ее признали виновной.

Нова Рен Сума написала напряженную историю, которая растревожила умы зарубежных читателей. За эту книгу писательница была удостоена восьми литературных премий в первый же год публикации. Она в только ей свойственной манере исследует тему вины, рассказывая реальные и подчас страшные истории заключенных «Аврора-Хиллз»тем самым оживляя призраков прошлого. Постепенно мы вместе с автором понимаем: правда субъективна, а ложь может разрушить жизнь любого человека.

Но эта сюрреалистичная история нечто большее, чем просто рассказ о малолетних преступниках. Будьте готовы к путешествиям в прошлое, провокациям и манипуляциям. Будьте готовы запутаться в вопросах, на которые невозможно ответить однозначно. Будьте готовы оказаться в стенах «Аврора-Хиллз» и погрузиться в атмосферу тайн.

"Грязь и гниль

Да,зрители от меня без ума.

Ничего странного в том, что они поднялись с мест, аплодируя мне. Это вполне естественно. Они всегда рукоплескали Ори после выступления. Только три года назад ее арестовали. Все произошло накануне весеннего спектакля, в котором она должна была танцевать партию Жар-Птицы. А потом все от нее отвернулись, и родители заставили меня прервать с ней всякое общение и настояли, чтобы я пошла на похороны тех девочек. Даже наша танцевальная студия чуть не закрылась. Но до всего этого зрители чествовали ее именно так.

Важнее всего, как ты выглядишь. Глубже никто не заглядывает.Стяни волосы в пучок, воткни в него побольше шпилек, нарисуй на глазах длинные стрелки, оденься понаряднее – лучше всего что-нибудь неяркое, в пастельных тонах. Притворись милой девочкой, и никто не узнает, что скрывается за этим фасадом. По крайней мере, со мной все было именно так."

Любите книги и читайте с удовольствием!

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