Recently debuted adult video star Noa Takeuchi disappears overnight

The Japanese Interwebs is abuzz with speculation about the mysterious disappearance of up-and-coming adult video star Noa Takeuchi, who made her debut on Soft on Demand in September last year.

After releasing seven (by our count) videos, the D-cup “Lolita”-style performer has suddenly disappeared and her next release scheduled for February 25th canceled. Of course, women who make one-off debuts are not unusual, while the road to AV stardom is lined with the corpses of women who released a couple of videos but found no following.

But this is different. Takeuchi’s videos have really disappeared. They are no longer on sale — or even visible — on adult retail giant DMM’s website.

noa takeuchi japanese adult video star

noa takeuchi japanese adult video star

noa takeuchi japanese adult video star

noa takeuchi japanese adult video star

noa takeuchi japanese adult video star

What happened?

Did she have a contract dispute with her AV production company? Or did she suddenly make a formal complaint of coercion?

This has rocked the porn industry in Japan. Long an open secret, women have finally started to come forward, supported by the courts, alleging they were coerced into performing in pornography. Some of those who have made these allegations have included established stars. It is the biggest scandal in the Japanese AV industry in recent memory and may lead to permanent changes in the system.

Given the Soviet-like way that Noa Takeuchi has been wiped off the digital slate, we can only assume that the powers that be are trying to cover their tracks ahead of possible legal trouble.

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