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08 September 2017

Although the word debut in this case is not entirely appropriate, because a few years ago the singer already collaborated with M.A.C. and created more than a successful collaboration with this brand. But now it's time to set out on an independent beauty path, and today the first products of the line Fenty Beauty by Rihanna were on sale, and we are sure that sold out is not far off.

Just the other day the singer decided to warm up the interest of the public and laid out in her Instagram account a real teaser, on which you can see the palette of the collection: mostly "chocolate" shades, from light milk to "bitter". Also you will find here golden sparkles, which Rianna recommends to put on the cheekbones and eyelids .

Fenty x Puma which, by the way, was recognized as one of the most cosmetic lines Rie started talking on the show Fenty x Puma bright and successful in the season, and things literally scattered around the wardrobe of women of fashion all over the world. It was then that the beetigoliki discerned on the models "unidentified" lip gloss and began to make assumptions about the future plans of the singer, who from now on officially became a reality.

The tonal means is presented already in 40 shades – here it is exact not mistaken with a correct shade which ideally will approach your skin. The singer said that she was not going to give up until she created a palette that could fit most of the girls on the planet, no matter how long it took.

And that same lip gloss from the winter show can now be purchased by anyone – look for Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer on the official website brand.

Let's also note that the collection turned out to be very holistic: bad news for those who are fanatics of shadows, lipsticks, spoons and mascara – they are not yet seen in the line.

Today the lucky owners of the first products from the line Fenty Beauty were able to become shoppers store Sephora in New York and those who did online order, before which, by the way, you need to survive a real online queue.

We will definitely try to get some wow product from this collection, but what would you like to try?

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