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20 September 2017

"The Twentieth Century of the Fox CIS" Alfa Bank and the Swiss watch company The Moscow Times The Moskva Film Company TAG Heuer presented the Russian premiere of one of the most anticipated films of autumn "Kingsman: The Golden Ring" . Two years ago, the first part of the espionage tape by Matthew Vaughn won the hearts of critics and spectators, collecting over $ 500 million in the world. Therefore, the continuation of the adventures of British superagents were eagerly awaited by both ordinary visitors to cinemas and celebrities.

The new film begins with sad events for agents Kingsman: their headquarters, and the whole world was taken hostage by the unknown. Unexpectedly, British superagents find out that on one day, along with their organization, American intelligence was also created – "Statesman" . Now these two elite special services must unite and challenge the common ruthless enemy to save the world, that is, to do what is normal for Eggsi …

The first tape of "Kingsman: The Golden Ring" came to see Nyusha, Anfisa Chekhova, Dmitry Dibrov, Igor Krutoy, Oleg Menshikov, Irina Khakamada, Igor Vernik, Elena Malysheva, Valery Syutkin, Ekaterina Odintsova, Artem Korolev, Galina Yudashkina , Ilya Bachurin, Nadezhda Sysoeva and many others.

Valery Syutkin

Elena Malysheva

Mark Tishman

Dmitry Dibrov

Galina Yudashkina and Petr Maksakov

Catherine Odintsova

Marika Kravtsova

Anfisa Chekhov

Alena Doletskaya


Nadezhda Sysoeva and Ilya Bachurin

Igor Vernik

Irina Khakamada

Artem Korolev and Alexandra Fedorova

Irina Chaykovskaya

Igor Krutoy

Angelica Timanina

Oleg and Anastasia Menshikov

In the Russian hire "Kingsman: The Golden Ring" comes out tomorrow!

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