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10 May 2018

How many times have we remembered with shudder the dubious trends of the 80's and 90's, thinking that we will not see any more waist bags, blue shadows, choukers, rubber bands, scrunchies, or other controversial hair accessories? But, judging by the persistence of these and other forgotten trends, this is far from the limit. The recent proof of this is the recent release of Beyonce just a few days after her stunning performance at the festival Coachella : Queen Bee tried another atavism of the recent past

For a date with her husband, Jay-Z the singer chose the dress Alexander Wang, jacket Calvin Klein and ring earrings XIV Karats having decided on the beauty experiment in the make-up of the lips. However, unlike the women of fashion of the late 90's, Bee shaded the borders of the pencil, achieving a more "soft" effect.

Jennifer Lopez was nostalgic about the bright contour of her lips three years ago …

… like the Australian actress Jade Albany :

Will Beyonce officially return to fashion the trend so beloved by Pamela Anderson? Let's see!

What do you think?

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