Stars at the opening of Europe's highest restaurant-veranda "Outdoors" in Moscow City | Events


May 26, 2017

Yesterday in the skyscraper OKO which is located in Moscow-City the opening of the highest in Europe summer veranda "In the open air" . The restaurant is located in the multi-format gastron onomical complex 354 Exclusive Height .

The theme of the evening was a friendly picnic. From the very beginning of the evening the guests were invited to the very top of the skyscraper OKO – observation deck.

It should be noted that there is no bad weather for anything for the veranda "Outdoors" : the atmosphere of coziness and warmth always reigns inside the verandah – from the rain, wind and sun protects the aluminum roof, which is unique in its design, Cabriolet, which is easily assembled, effectively "exposing" the sky. All the guests agreed that the restaurant had already become not only the highest in Moscow but also claimed the title of the most romantic place in the capital. Mindful sunsets – will melt the hearts of not a single proud beauty, it is checked! The most curious and courageous could appreciate the unique observation platform of the project – it fell into almost all the "storiz" of the evening.

To enjoy the kitchen and make self from a height of 354 meters were able to: Alexander Mamut, Lena Letuchaya and Yury Anashenkov, Alesya Kafelnikova and Gleb Golubin, Katya Dobryakova, Yuna Megre, Konstantin Andrikopulos and Olga Tsypkina, Alla and Rasim Akperova, Natalia Arkhangelskaya, Maria Zheleznyakova and Dmitri Shipilov, Katya Spitsa and many others.

Alesya Kafelnikova and Gleb Golubin

Rasim and Alla The Akperovs

Dmitry Shipilov and Maria Zheleznyakova

Katya Dobryakova

Catherine Spitz

Konstantin and Olga Andricopoulos

Lena Letuchaya and Yury Anashenkov

Mamut Alexander

Natalia Arkhangelskaya

Yuna Megre

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