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30 November 2017

Yesterday ZASPORT the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team presented the Olympic and casual collection. The show took place on the territory of the Trehgornaya Manufactory in the space with the symbolic name "Hope" .

As the official partner of the Russian Olympic Committee the brand ZASPORT prepares complete sets of equipment for athletes: from front trousers, shirts and ties to several sports suits, jackets, bathing suits, towels, suitcases, sneakers and shoes – only 72 items. In total ZASPORT will provide the Olympians and members of the delegation with 795 sets.

When creating the collection, the team of designers was inspired by architecture, space, constructivism and, of course, the colors of our national flag. Another idea, which the team ZASPORT successfully implemented, is the rethinking of Russia's sports traditions. So the collection includes classic blue sports suits, which are familiar to everyone from childhood, however, they are made of modern technological materials. Another reinterpreted object from the past is a cap-cockerel with an author's geometric print in the colors of the Russian flag.

The main colors of the collection are blue, red, white and gray. Tracksuits and outerwear are decorated with a line in the form of a tricolor. The flag, as if applied by a roller, is made in pigmentary textile machinery.

Jackets, down jackets, parks and vests are inspired by cosmonaut costumes, whose main functions are safety and adaptability to the environment. It was the desire to protect the athletes of our team from the unstable climate Pyeongchang where Olympiad-2018 will be held, was the main task of the team ZASPORT when creating outerwear.

While working on the collection, the team ZASPORT took into account the wishes of the athletes. Comfort, convenience, functionality, manufacturability and stylish minimalist design are the qualities that distinguish the collection of the Olympic equipment of the brand .

"The sets of Olympic outfit for our team made a very good impression. I can say that the specialists of ZASPORT have done a great and effective work in the last few months. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that it was possible to achieve the necessary combination of interesting design solutions and worthy quality of all elements of the product. At the same time, numerous wishes from athletes and representatives of All-Russian sports federations were taken into account. This is very important, because they are the first to use new equipment. Moreover, the weather conditions in February in Pyeongchang are not the most comfortable, but the form has turned out to be practical, convenient and representative. With the clear identification of our country and the Russian Olympic team " Alexander Zhukov President of the ROC

"Behind us is a huge work – not only in design and production of the form, but also in researching the climatic conditions in Korea, and studying the wishes of athletes. For us, there were no less prioritized details of the equipment, we worked on each one as if it were the most important. And today I'm happy with the result. After all, the comfort of our athletes is the victory of the whole country ", Anastasia Zadorina chief designer ZASPORT .

Speaking of style and quality of clothes ZASPORT snowboarder, Olympic champion Vic Wild noted: "This is a great start! It's nice to see new items in Russia. It is interesting to see what will happen in the future. ZASPORT is fashionable and comfortable, and I still want to work with this brand! "

The philosophy of the casual line ZASPORT was the integration of sports in all spheres of life. The heroes of the collection are active and stylish, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the basic requirements that they impose on clothes are comfort, high quality and stylish design. Clothes for them – a way of self-expression.

Designers ZASPORT did not ignore one of the trends of recent seasons: inscriptions in Cyrillic. Words that are used as prints – seemingly such simple, but the most important concepts for a person: "good", "joy" and "life."

The collection includes basic garments: tops, turtlenecks, sweat shirts, checkered and denim shirts, polo, shorts, training pants, skirts and down jackets. The main colors of the collection are red, black, white and khaki. The designers ZASPORT paid much attention to details: on the clothes there are strips and decorative belts, trousers and skirts are decorated with contrasting stripes, bombs and cardigans – large lightning. Oversize swatches of a complex cut are another important element of the collection.

Brightly emerging from the entire casual-line, was a female sky-blue set, to which the waist bag of gently pink color perfectly fitted – another trend of the season.

The accessory line is supplemented with backpacks, sneakers, caps and baseball caps. In addition, there are also jewelry: bracelets, rings and pendants with inscriptions – the same important words that are used as prints.

"We live in sports, do what we love, so for us, sport is life! Hoodies with hoods, comfortable knitted dresses, bright jackets – all this is perfect for every day, and in such clothes will definitely be comfortable on trips ", Dina Averina gymnast , world champion, brand-ambassador ZASPORT .

The guests of the show were: President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov figure-figures Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov figure skater Roman Kostomarov snowboarders Vic Wild and Alena Zavarzina gymnast Dina and Arina Averina curler Kira Ezekh Albert Demchenko the gymnasts Nikita Nagorny the tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova, Alla Verber, Igor Matvienko, Alla Dukhova, Anita Tsoy, Vladimir Kozhin and Olesya Kozhina-Boslovyak, Galina Yudashkina and Petr Maksakov Polina Kitsenko, Oksana Bondarenko, Laura Jugelia, Milana Koroleva, Inna Malikova, Timur Soloviev, Vasily Utkin, Artem Korolev, Victor- Dianeko, Tatyana Tkachuk and others.

Dean and Arina Averina

Alla Weber

Polina Kitsenko

Anita Tsoi

Svetlana Koroleva


Artem Korolev

Alla Dukhova

Galina Yudashkina and Petr Maksakov

Timur Soloviev

Olga Ushakova

Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov

Maria Viskunova

Yulia Baranovskaya

Milana the Queen

Victoria Daineko

Inna Malikova

Catherine Odintsova

Anastasia Zadorina

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