Testing the weight of Japanese breasts with live animal bras on men

Animals for breasts? And on men?

No, this isn’t some kind of hybrid human-animal sex fetish, or a transgender fantasy gone mad.

An (old) Japanese video explains the weight of different cup sizes with animals — and illustrates this by having men wear bras fitted with these animals inside glass cups. So a modest A-cup is only a pair of cockatiels but then, getting progressively bigger and heavier, a B-cup is a pair of guinea pigs, C-cup is hedgehogs (ouch!), D-cup is rabbits, and — most surreally — an E-Cup is cockerels!

And then to prove what it’s like for women to do exercise and activities with these things on their chests, the men start to demonstrate a range of sports, from running to boxing, and even tennis and volleyball. We’re not sure what animal right advocates have to say about this!

wacoal breasts bust bra japan animal weight experiment bizarre strange

wacoal breasts bust bra japan animal weight experiment bizarre strange

wacoal breasts bust bra japan animal weight experiment bizarre strange

If this all sounds too bizarre to be true, it’s apparently an advertisement by lingerie maker Wacoal to promote its support bras. The hot woman presenting the whole sequence of events finishes the “experiment” by whipping off her lab coat to reveal her own sports bra.

We can’t find anything official from Wacoal about this, though the video is generating some online buzz right now. It is notable that the video was posted in English on LiveLeak, despite its Japanese source.

While the good folks at SoraNews 24 don’t seem to have thought of this, we suspected right away that the campaign might well be old and got taken down due to complains from animal rights activists. A little bit of online searching later and, sure enough, we found a report from summer 2017 saying pretty much just that.

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