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02 August 2017

We start today with Sarah Gio – a successful writer and well-known journalist, whose works we regularly see in such magazines as "Marie Claire", "Glamor", "Redbook" and many others. Her novels consistently occupy a leading position in literary ratings, and books are published in 22 countries around the world. Roman The Moon Path tells the story of June Andersen which inherited from her aunt Ruby The legendary Book store "The Blue Bird" with which, in fact, is not going to do anything. But after a while June finds unique letters hidden among books, and her plans for this bookstore, as well as for life itself, change drastically.

Sarah Jio

"As recently as yesterday a mother came to my store with a little boy, you would see this child, so sad and silent!" From my mother, I learned that the boy's father had died two months ago, and the child does not get along at school He had very few friends, and my mother wanted to buy a few books for her son in order to cheer him up a bit. "I led the boy in a shelf and got out a book" When the wind blew. "When I told him that I knew the author, you, of course, – he was a little quickened, then I read him a book. Of course, I read it before, n It only dawned on me that this is a story of happiness that can be found in the most lonely corners of life, that even a cat or a dog can make you a good company.This means that we are not so alone as one might at times seem.What a wonderful message – And for an adult, and for a child!

So, Brownie, when I finished reading, the boy
turned to me and said with a big smile:

– I also have a best friend. This is the Boxer.

– The Boxer? – I asked again.

– My dog, – he explained.

When you once again feel, Brownie, that your work does not find recognition, remember what a wonderful effect your words had had on the little boy, how they cheered him in a difficult moment. Let others be literary "masters." Let them write their grandiose novels and shower each other with praise. Whatever it was, you must remember that you are doing a very important job. And only a few in this field are gifted as well as you.

Margaret, I very much hope that you will keep my letter.
Put it in your pocket and re-read it whenever you again doubt the significance of your work.

With Love, Ruby. "

Charles Martin usually conquers women not only with his writing talent, but also charisma, multiplied by the charm. Men seldom manage to accurately describe the facets of the human soul, and also create such realistic female images, so "In the arms of the rain" we could not miss. This is the story of the famous photographer Tucker Mason who all his conscious life tried to be as far as possible from home and very much succeeded in it. In a huge family place, he was waited only by the nanny, whom he loved since childhood, for which he returned, and afterwards he had to meet face to face with the father he hates, with his brother who goes crazy, and with the girl who will give it Takeru hope that everything can turn out completely differently.

Charles Martin

"But Rex still could not be seen and heard, and I started to work on art, then – for a TV, then for a vase and a metal knight in shining lats, which Rex brought from some English castle. Greeted everything that hung and lay, decorating his apartment, and in fifteen minutes there was nothing left that could be broken or broken, but I still felt furious. "The spasm curled her back, her fingers were covered in blood, and the bit was cracked, In which the fragments glittered, I put the bat on my shoulder I suddenly felt the stench from his bedroom, and I winced: it was the smell of death, but he did not stop me. "Turning on the light, I walked around the whole huge room." In the corner, in the armchair, sat Rex and He looked at Grushevaya Street, and, deadly pale, seized with an uncontrollable tremor, he turned into a living skeleton, so I hardly recognized him, all this was a consequence of his alcoholism and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. A huge belly was not in sight: Rex, probably, lost thirty kilograms. The face grew thin and stretched, his eyes sunk deeply, his eyes wandered. He was wearing no clothes, except dirty boxer shorts. As far as I was able to find out, one day, coming home, he discovered that Mary Victoria had left him, taking with her all her jewelry and sexy underwear. Having no friends, no family, no one to call, he emptied the bottle, and at the same time his own brain: when I found him, there was practically no hope of restoring his mental activity.

"You understand that it's impossible."


On the windowsill stood an empty glass flask, and I hit it. With a ricochet she flew straight into his marble bathroom and smashed into it.

"Love does not remember evil."

"And I remember!"

"She tolerates, believes, hopes and endures everything, everything!"

I looked at Rex, not feeling the slightest pity for him.

"He is now the worst punishment for himself. You can not hurt him more than he did to himself. Now he will slowly and permanently rot alive. And for the better, or – on the contrary, for the worse, – his body is so strong that this way will be long. "

"Just do not tell me that you yourself never thought about the same thing – do away with it forever!"

"A child, my own sins, also expects imminent retribution, and yes, God knows, I also thought about it. And almost every minute of my life. I even bought a revolver. But to think and do – between this there is a big difference! "

"But Miss Ella, what will happen to me?"

"And you become a miracle of light in the underworld – bring your light there!"

Once upon a time, in youth Karen White read the novel [Gone with the Wind] and this event turned her world so much – and we perfectly understand her – that she firmly resolved Or become a writer, or the second Scarlett O'Hara . As a result, she almost succeeded both: Karen managed to find her happiness in love and business, but her real success and satisfaction brought her creativity.

Many of her novels have become bestsellers and have received prestigious literary prizes, because her prose has amazing energy, and non-trivial storylines allow you to be distracted from the book only for sleep. Roman The "Rhapsody of a Windy Island" only sounds easy and superficial, but in fact it tells of a war that unfolded not only in the country, but also in the hearts of people closest to each other.

Karen White

"Do you hate me?" Kat whispered at last.

As a child, Kat often asked this question. Her antics often seemed malicious, and she rarely regretted the pain she had inflicted on other people-at least that was the case first. But in the end, remorse drove her to nightmares and forced her to turn to Maggie. The need to comfort and be comforted filled the void in each of them, forming the whole personality of the two girls-orphans, and Maggie's promise always kept them together, despite the hundreds of small cracks now and then arising in their relationship.

– No, Cat. I do not want to hate you.

– But you must. Kat began to sob. Maggie sank to the edge of the bed and squeezed her hands, trying not to feel the cold rim of the gold wedding ring. "You know that Peter does not love me and never loved me." That's my fault. I just …

Kat sobbed so much that she could no longer speak. Maggie put her arm round her shoulders. Kate's sharp shoulders protruded from under his nightgown. Maggie pulled her to the head and propped her back against him.

– I just could not bear that someone does not like me. I do not know why I am, but I can not help myself. In all these men I seem to see my father and I want them to love me and always stay with me. When I saw you with Peter and he paid no attention to me, as if I did not exist, it was killing me. I forgot everything that could happen, and now … she burst into tears again.

The novels by Jennifer Chiaverini are on the best-selling list of the New York Times. The peculiarity of her stories is that all the heroines live in anticipation of happiness: they value their home, love friends and family – in other words, everything that can really support in a difficult moment. Roman The "Lonely Star" was no exception: it is the story of a girl named Sarah who found herself with her husband in difficult circumstances, a strange city and did not understand at all, How to build her future life. Having become acquainted with Sylvia she gained self-confidence, thanks to the amazing stories of the mistress of the old mansion, in which Sarah had to work, and sew His first patchwork quilt.

Jennifer Chiaverini

"Grandmother looked at me and hid a smile.

– Aha, has she appeared, a little robber?

I lowered my eyes and said nothing.

– Come here, Sylvia.

In those days when you were called adults, it was impossible not to go. She put me on her knees and covered us with a quilt. So we sat silently, and she sewed. Here she took a long strip of fabric and sewed it to the edge of the quilt. I was reassured by her soft knees and the soft voice that was singing.

Finally I could not stand it.

– What are you doing? – I asked.

– I sew the fringing on the blanket of your cousin. You see? This long strip of matter will close shaggy edges so that the lining does not protrude.

"Shaggy edges? I thought. – How is it shaggy? As our dog? "I did not want to seem stupid, I asked another question:

Is this her wedding blanket?

– No, it is special, in memory of the old grandmother. A young wife never has too many blankets, even in California. – She stuck the needle in the pillow and unfolded the quilt so I could see the pattern.

– Beautiful, – I said, leading my finger along the drawing.

– These are "Smokestacks and Corner Stones", so the pattern is called. Here Elizabeth will look at him in California and remember our home and everyone who lives in it. We, the Bergstroms, were lucky, because our house is filled with love from pipes to the basement. My quilt will help your cousin take with you a little bit of our love.

I nodded, showing her that I understood everything.

– Each of these red boxes is a fire burning in the fireplace to warm it after a difficult road.

I looked at the red squares on the blanket.

– There are a lot of them. We do not have as many fireplaces in the house.

– I know, she laughed. – It's all for fun. Elizabeth will understand.

I nodded my head. Elizabeth was an adult and understood many different things. "

Love books and read with pleasure!

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