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10 January 2018

The fact that David Beckham knows a lot about caring for himself was understandable long ago, but now the football player and the icon of style decided to carry knowledge to the masses, creating a line of cosmetics for men House99 in conjunction with the industry giant, the concern L'Oréal .

"For me grooming is not only how you look, but also how you feel yourself, this is comfort, testing new products and constantly sharpening your unique image" "says Beckham.

The inspiration for the brand was the traditional British "barber shops", as well as years of proven cosmetics – from shampoos to body creams.

The house number is not accidental – in 1999 David married Victoria, their first born Brooklyn was born, and for the home of Beckham football club Manchester United the year was marked by victory in three championships.

The main ingredients of the ruler are 13 super-food kinoa and spirulina, and the packaging is so stylish that even the harshest brutal will like it. Girls, in turn, will probably borrow the body cream from SPF30 from boyfriends more than once. True, judging by the success of the Victoria's beauty beads perhaps for the sake of buying such a gift, a loved one will have to take time on time.

House99 House99 will go on sale in the network of British stores Harvey Nichols already on February 1, and on the first of March the sales start in 19 others countries. We are waiting!

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