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August 24, 2017

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

A cup of hot coffee helped Maria Ivakova tune into the business mood.

Yekaterina Odintsova although she noted Apple saved not in Russia but did not forget to eat ripe fruit.

Armen Yeritsyan enjoys summer gatherings with the closest ones at the big table.

Andrey Malakhov decided to compare business with pleasure and not only interviewed Olga Shelest but also dined with a TV presenter.

With a beautiful view and delicious coffee began its day Irina Grineva .

Tatiana Tereshina effectively posed with a glass of wine and with a huge cherry on the table.

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya became thoughtful, slowly sipping water from the bottle.

Natalia Goldenberg not only shared her latte with her daughter, but also put a touching picture on the net.

Tatiana Gevorgyan tasted the artichoke and pondered over it, as it turned out, almost a thistle.

Natalia Davydova took with her to the training bottle of water, and at the same time shared her opinion about the body kit.

Traditionally a beautiful frame and an incomprehensible inscription appeared in the account by Nicky Belotserkovskaya .

Regina Todorenko met her friend over a cup of fragrant tea.

Ekaterina Vilkova dined not only in a beautiful place, but also in an excellent company Victoria Isakova .

Alena Vodonaeva mimicked nature and tasted some ripe apples from her mother's garden.

Julia Kovalchuk is in an excellent position and eats, obviously, for two.

A very modest piece of steak turned out quite alone on a huge plate Masha Fedorova .

The soulful dinner turned out to be at Dima Bilan and Philip Kirkorov .

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

What do you think?

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