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19 October 2017

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Natalia Davydova shared not only a juicy image, but also a useful recipe.

Catherine Odintsova spoiled herself with dinner in a pleasant company and with heart-to-heart talks.

Yasmina Muratovich celebrated with her friends a baby shower and will very soon be preparing for the birth of the baby.

Still life in the working style turned out at Maria Fedorova .

Maria Kozhevnikova told the subscribers about her nutrition.

Olga Orlova made a sweet snack on the set with Olga Buzovoy .

The festive cake in the family Natalia Goldenberg surpassed all children's expectations.

Marika Kravtsova speculated on the subject of conscious choice and proper nutrition.

Hunting for morning coffee and a fresh croissant has traditionally arranged Zhanna Badoeva.

A harmonious combination of the style of "yin yang" lurked on a plate by Yevgenia Linovich .

Semen Treskunov gladly ate ice cream on the set of a new picture.

Natalia Arkhangelskaya propagandizes healthy tourist and culinary hedonism.

Judging by the very healthy complexion Dmitry Khrustalev drank not only tea, and not only with jam.

Elena Maksimova apparently, would very much like to go to the sunny Italy but this is not it.

Jigan together with his family, enjoys rest on the [Maldives] .

We were not so much interested in the dessert in the hands of Anna Tsukanova-Kott how much the composition is behind her. .

Anfisa Chernykh draws energy and vitamins from exotic fruits.

As for I-GENCY.RU we recommend that you arrange a coffee break as often as possible!

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

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