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January 24, 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Nastasya Samburska admitted that sometimes a simple sandwich with cheese is not against taste.

Julianna Karaulova made a romantic dinner at sunset with four-legged friends.

In the winter time Aurora is rescued by beach rest, bright sun and exotic cocktails.

Tasha Strogaya decided to share not only a cheerful snapshot, but also a useful recipe.

After the holiday and, Oksana Lavrentieva decided to return to proper nutrition, but her favorite dog can also be fed with sausage.

Artem Korolev confessed to his subscribers that he found not only an excellent remedy for depression, but also his new vocation, which is directly related to cooking.

Tatyana Gevorgyan suggested discussing the topic, what needs to be "charged" in the morning – and what do you think about it?

With a big cup of coffee and a new clip, it started its day Regina Todorenko .

Elena Letuchaya enjoys not only fashion shows in Paris but also with truly French breakfasts.

Ibid, but not breakfast, and dinners with friends pampers herself Victoria Lopyreva.

In the afternoon Timothy teaches his daughter Alice standing on the blackboard and instilling a love for surfing, and going to dinner with her in the evening.

A still-life with such an inviting jar of condensed milk turned out at by Nicky Belotserkovsky.

Maria Fedorova conducted an oyster education program this week, although in appearance all oysters look the same.

Rita Dakota with her family and friends spends time on Bali and "charged" with vitamins.

Zhanna Badoeva admitted that coffee in bed for her is not a typical story, but sometimes you can afford such a luxury.

Practically an artistic picture turned out at Nastya Tsvetaeva who wanted to put her breakfast on the net.

Anna Mikhailovskaya arranged a wonderful holiday for her parents – prepared a surprise for them at the restaurant La Provincia .

Not life, but a fairy tale began at Alyona Doletskaya literally the other day received a new creative post.

Together with Anfisa Chekhova we wish you a wonderful morning and a productive day!

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