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08 March 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Under her cheerful picture Natalia Davydova raised a very serious topic of feeding children and harming wheat flour.

Archie admitted that he considers himself a legitimate member of the club of merry sweeties and can not resist sweet – we understand!

It is difficult to imagine how in such a fragile Svetlana Bondarchuk contained 1.5 pizzas, but we will take her word for it.

A glass of fresh juice celebrated Rita Dakota her victory over the waves.

She shared her romantic breakfast with subscribers Snezhina Kulova .

Angelica Timanina can sometimes afford to indulge in "banned".

Practically breakfast in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" turned out to be by Natalia Turovnikova.

The ideal evening was given to by Milana the Queen.

Olga Slutsker knows that no one can stand against the famous St. Petersburg smelt.

Tatyana Lazareva heartily recommends everyone to lean on honey – it contains vitamins, and benefits, and taste.

A really spring morning turned out at Sofiko Shevardnadze.

We wish to Ekaterina Odintsova a speedy recovery!

The royal size of the orange fresh has chosen for itself Anfisa Chekhov.

Masha Tsigal suffered a severe operation and is now actively recovering and accepting gifts.

Leonid Arkadievich Elkin knows that the time spent with loved ones is priceless!

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

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