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22 March 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Sati Casanova tells how it is not easy to be a vegetarian in Russia but the situation is changing for the better.

Mikhail Druyan celebrated his birthday, and we can only join in congratulations!

Maria Fedorova begins her morning in the editorial office with a cup of strong tea and white candies M & M .

Tatiana Tereshina easily arranges herself a breakfast in any place.

Matilda Shnurova boasted that one of the most memorable desserts of her restaurant literally collected Olympic .

Day Svetlana Bondarchuk begins with a fresh press, a delicious breakfast and a four-legged friend.

Zhanna Badoeva was the birthday girl – congratulations!

Looking at the meal Yana Rudkovskaya we do not even believe that somewhere there are no blizzards and gloomy sky, but there is a sea and a bright sun.

Rita Dakota recently returned from a rest and now enjoys Moscow restaurants.

Natalia Davydova We do not take sports positions and confidently prefer water to all other drinks.

Daria Konovalova decided to pamper herself with hot pizza.

Quite an interesting combination of sweet pancakes and roasted eggs, we peeped at Anastasia Tsvetaeva .

Colorful in color, but rather modest in ingredients breakfast was obtained in Maria Kozhevnikova .

And it seemed to us that in the picture at Arkady Novikov – blackberry, but what do you say?

Irena Ponaroshku shared her personal experience in the matter of vegetarianism.

As for I-GENCY.RU we are happy to discover new places for ourselves.

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

What do you think?

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