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25 April 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Lena Perminova launched a new culinary project and very soon we will learn all the details.

A touching snapshot with her daughter shared with subscribers Anna Khilkevich.

"Without departing from the ticket office" – Irena Ponaroshka does not waste time and combines lunch with styling.

Olga Buzova sometimes can afford a sweetie.

Zhanna Badoeva was very glad to return to the filming in the program "The Eagle and Reshka" .

Waiting for lunch Regina Todorenko decided to fool around a little at the camera, and we looked at the saltcellar and the paternity.

Anfisa Chekhov enjoys exotic rest on Bali and coffee ceremony.

Picnic in the poppy field arranged for herself and her family Anastasia Tsvetaeva .

Svetlana Bondarchuk opened the season of summer gatherings on the metropolitan verandas with her friends.

In a beautiful mood Lena Temnikova posed during her dinner.

Oksana Lavrentieva pampered herself with a glass of red wine in the company of her beloved four-legged friend.

We are sure that the purposeful Natalia Davydova refrained and did not taste a single piece of this luxurious cake.

Arkady Novikov always accompanies his pictures with meaningful phrases.

A very atmospheric photograph was obtained in by Irina Grineva .

Looking at the shining Sati Casanov I want to literally run after fresh berries.

Natalia Rudova loves pasta with cheese, although she also loves cheese without a paste.

Elena Kuletskaya has a rest in Italy and enjoys seafood in all their diversity.

For wonderful weather and a real buzz raised glass Maria Fedorova .

From breakfast in bright colors begins his day Armen Yeritsyan .

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

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