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09 May 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Under this amusing snapshot Zhanna Badoeva arranged a small contest and subscribers began to come up with funny photographic signatures.

Anna Sedokova posted an amusing shot of her son Hector who enjoys a watermelon on the beach.

Masha Tsigal already spoils herself with fresh berries.

A flying gait with freshly prepared smoothies in her hands is walking along beautiful places Maria Kravtsova .

Anastasia Meskova invited subscribers to speculate on who and how to treat carbonated beverages.

For Alexandra Popova summer, apparently, has already entered into its full rights.

With a good book, a fresh bouquet of flowers and a cup of strong coffee begins its day Irina Grineva .

Tea with milk prefers to drink Marta Nosova .

Anna Semenovich went on an exotic journey and enjoyed ripe fruits.

The still-life in brown-green tones turned out to be Alice Ruban .

Sasha Savelyeva had lunch at the company of one of her close friends.

Seafood decided to "hit" Svetlana Bondarchuk.

A delicious dinner in a beautiful place pleased herself Nika Belotserkovskaya .

Natalia Vodianova can afford ice cream, when you really want.

Evelina Bledans resting with her son in Sochi and actively talking about local cafes and restaurants.

Such a cookie, as in the picture of Havre is a pity.

Tell us, what did you eat this week?

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