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17 May 2018

Let's see what "harvest" was collected for us by a sparrow this week:

Yulia Kovalchuk loves to cook together wasps with her husband Alexei Chumakov especially since such a long-awaited time of summer kitchens and dishes on the coals has come.

Snezhina Kulova pampered her son with sweets from the restaurant Ladurée .

We are used to the fact that Arkady Novikov accompanies his culinary photos with poems, but this time it was difficult to find the right words.

The still life in summer tones turned out to be Polina Maksimova .

Tatyana Gevorgyan told the subscribers about her favorite breakfast very carefully.

Maria Kravtsova regularly shares tasty and useful recipes, for which many are very grateful to her.

Elena Usanova raised a very topical topic today and told how to prepare a useful ice cream.

A little erotic and very positive picture was put on the web by Polina Gagarina.

An interesting game about the correct and incorrect facts about myself was arranged this week Zhanna Badoeva .

A cup of coffee "recharged" Julia Vysotskaya .

The beautiful morning of Victoria Dayneko began in the right place and with the right people.

"Fish of my dreams" tried Irina Grineva .

A very culinary week was given at Masha Tsigal .

Not quite a censorship post turned out at Irina Dubtsova but everyone thinks to the best of their depravity, does not it?

Anfisa Chekhova came to visit Georgia and we can only ask – what did you eat this week?

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