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06 March 2018

Won two Golden Globes in 2016 " Mozart in the jungle" is already the fourth season, and we are not understand how we could miss this drama with Gael Garcia Bernal in the lead role?

Based on the memoirs of Blair Tindel "Mozart in the jungle: Sex, drugs and classical music", the series narrates about the behind-the-scenes life of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. In the center of history, a conductor named Rodrigo (Bernal) the "rock star" of the Philharmonic, who fell head over heels in his own assistant Haley (Lola Kirk). First, the main character seems grotesque, unpredictable and eccentric – well, a purely caricature of a "free artist", but with each series and with each new season we increasingly see in him a true romanticist, an inspired careerist and an ambitious artist with a capital letter.

Well, that even the most persistent skeptics were fascinated, the creators of the series shoot all the main scenes in Manhattan, where, for some reason, eternal spring reigns. When the crew bothers New York, they fly, for example, to Havana, Venice or Mexico City. In the new season, promises of location in Tokyo, so that breathtaking landscapes and interiors will be even more.

As in this orchestra, all of these ingredients – Gaël, New York, the magical sounds of music, romance and intrigue – combine into one powerful symphony, which is long overdue to listen.


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