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30 November 2017

The other day in the Museum of Moscow passed a closed screening of short films, the first experiment Yadex.Taxi Media Laboratory The first step of the media laboratory was a grant for the filming of 5 short films that were created by young directors under the supervision of 5 studios: Bazelevs, Art Pictures, Hydrogen, Versus, Hype Film .

Star masters of young directors were Fyodor Bondarchuk, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Stewart and others. The debutants in the direction were the singer Dasha Charusha musician Dima Haski and also Sergei Povarnitsyn, Ivan Pleshev and Andrei Zolotarev .

The online premiere of the films will be held in December 2017, and in the meantime the first works of young directors came to be evaluated Fedor Bondarchuk, Ilya Stuart, Tatyana Arno, Grigory Dobrygin, Nikita Efremov, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Yury Kolokolnikov, Svetlana Ustinova, Alexander Rappoport, Julia Topolnitskaya and many others.

The event was opened by a discussion with curators and film directors.

The moderator of the conversation was the film critic Anton Dolin who in the course of an extremely honest conversation found out the participants of the project shooting, with what difficulties had to face in the process of making films.

Mikhail Vrubel producer of the film company "Hydrogen" founder of the School of Cinema and Television "Industry" *:

"We are always for supporting novice filmmakers. All the work of the film school "Industriya" is aimed at the development of young filmmakers, so when Yandex.Taxi turned to us with the idea of ​​such a project, we were very inspired and started working with two perspective filmmakers. We shot two very genre shorts: in the first case it's a mixture of horror and black comedy, and in the other – an ironic story on a religious theme. In both films there are elements of a miracle. It was important for us to introduce these genre assumptions into urban life. I hope that the project will reveal the names of the new talented filmmakers, in which the industry always needs. "

Dasha Charusha the director. Shooted the film under the leadership of Ilya Nishuller and the studio Versus Pictures:

"This is my first short game game. What could be more beautiful? This is an invaluable experience with one of the best teams in this field, which can not be bought for any money. This experience gives me an understanding of whether I want to be a director and, of course, that everything is possible.

It seems to me that humanism, as well as the absence of racial prejudice – these are the ideas that we, as artists, should broadcast. Life imitates art, therefore everything that people see on screens and on TV is brought to life. And if we talk about love for people, that we all want happiness and mutual understanding, about human stories, then this will be sung in the future in society. "

Dima Haski the director. He directed the film under the guidance of Ilya Stewart and the studio Hype Film.

"I'm a crazy person, you see. Everything that I do has a high flair of mental illness. And everything that I did before and will do further is peculiar to this topic.

During the filming, we used a variety of retrospective techniques. For example, filmed a scene with a taxi on the background of a reverse projection. This is an old-fashioned retro reception. We shot the overall plans of the car, preparing a model taxi and scenery with an exact replica of the industrial zone. It was great to get all this funding and a team of professionals, shooting the film with me. Finally, I tried in practice what I like in the movie, thanks to the Yabex.Taxi Medialab project. "

After the discussion, the guests were the first to see the debut works of young directors. Among them – the film "Psychotronic" Dima "Husky" Kuznetsov shot under the direction of Ilya Stewart vampire tragicomedy The Hunger Sergei Povarnitsyn the romantic comedy "The Good Day" Dasha Charushi ]post-apocalyptic thriller "Dark Night" from by Ivan Plechev and by Mikhail Vrubel as well as the film Deus Ex authorship Andrey Zolotarev the producer whose sulfur was also made by Mikhail Vrubel.

After the show, the theater performance was presented to the audience – the reconstruction of the debut scenes of the great directors prepared by Yury Kvyatkovsky . The guests were able to find themselves inside the paintings of David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Andrei Tarkovsky, Sam Mendes and Vincent Gallo .

Yury Kolokolnikov

Julia Topolnitskaya

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Tata Bondarchuk

Sabina Ahmedova

Ilya Stewart and Svetlana Ustinova

by Alexander Fedorov

Kira Pievskaya

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